The temperature finally dropped to 60 this morning, which is delightful cardigan weather. I'm hoping it stays cool like this today, so I can wear one of my new one out on a dinner and movie family date. Good weather timing, because these sheer cardigans are the lightest of the bunch. These are sheer cardigan. They aren't meant for cold weather, but cool weather when you need just a little coverage to warm you up. The chiffon and lace ones are also nice with fancier outfits, especially in the evening when temperatures drop a little. The fabrics I chose are lace, chiffon, and thin knits. As you can see the cardigan styles vary, which is nice if you have a particular style that you like. Though most of these are neutrals, I did add some dark red and purple options. Those dark shades are lovely colors that work well for Fall and Winter. These are great layering pieces over non-bulk pieces. The lace and chiffon options are on the fancier side of sheer, and the knit options are more casual, but there are a few pieces that could work with either. I'll have more Fall clothing collections, but this is the last one for cardigans...unless I can think of another style to share.

Sheer Cardigans


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