CARDIGANS: Oversized Slouchy

Still on the cardigans, are these more slouchy and bulky versions. If you live in a cold climate, these are a must. I chose ones in a variety of knits, but all in neutrals. If this is a staple piece, it's best to keep it neutral, so you will get more use out of it. However, if you have a particular color that you love wearing often, there are colored options too. Grey and black are a given for easy to wear neutrals, but over the last couple years, I've really enjoyed creams as an alternative neutral. I don't use white cardigans often, though I have one...yes, only one, that is a cropped version and purchases from Goodwill. All of my other white ones have died a sad discolored death...I don't want to get into it. Hence, while cream became my light alternative. Just something to think about. These slouchy cardigans aren't meant to really show off a figure, but just to keep you warm. They are a great layering piece over sweaters and shirts. If you want to cinch in the waist, a belt works great. I like using a wide one, so it will hold in the the volume of fabric without digging into my waist. I normally remove the knit belts that come with some, and cut their loops. I don't like how those look. They tend to stretch out and not stay cinched nicely. They also give a bathrobe appearance to the cardigan, which makes it look more frumpy and sloppy, than a stylish cardigan.

I like doing these sort of sets better lately, than full outfits. I do a lot of research when putting together outfits, and many great items don't make the cut, because the photo of it doesn't work well with the photos of other items. Also, for items like these below, what they can be worn with is so broad...dresses, jeans, shirts, blouses, jeans, dress pants, skirts...that creating limited styling doesn't always make sense. Presenting items this way also works better than using the collection grid, because I can play with the items shapes, and not have a lot of excess white space or lose a lot of detail. As before, if you click on the little photos below the collage, you will go to the shop the items are from. I can't promise the stores will still have them in stock, but these posts are more for reference when you are out shopping.

Oversized Slouchy Cardigans


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