CARDIGANS: Dolman and Batwing

Still keeping with cardigans, because I really do love them, and find various styles useful for various reasons. These are dolman and batwing cardigans. They have similar shapes, because the armpit area is loose and has a wider curve. This allows for more arm and body movement, and isn't restrictive like a fitted cardigan will be. I find these handy when I'm layering clothing, and wearing a voluminous shirt (my Mexican ones) that won't fit under a normal cardigan. They come in various colors and knit weights, but my favorites and most used are light weight knits in neutrals. These are also great if you have large boobs, and a large torso, since the shape doesn't hug your body. Closures will vary per style, as many are open cardigans and don't have a fit that would be flattering with a closure. Some dolman sleeved cardigans can be cinched, but if the cardigan is bulky, that cinching won't be flatering. The wide curved sides of batwing cardigans make cinching impossible, because it will restrict arm movement and create bulk from the cinched fabric. These cardigans are good for layering, because the lose shape can accommodate the bulk from most layering, and not feel restrictive.

Dolman and Batwing Cardigans


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