CARDIGANS: Boyfriend or Grandpa

These elongated cardigans are currently called "boyfriend cardigans", but I normally call them "grandpa cardigans". I've never had a boyfriend that wore a cardigan, but I've seen plenty of grandpas, and way more grandmas. Most of them are slim and have little front pockets by the hips. These aren't going to be flattering on everyone. These are good if you have a figure that is slim or have smooth curves, because these cardigans can cling to your shape. For these, I was happy to find many in current color trends, neutrals, and patterns. Basic cardigans like these are great for color pops and patterns, and of course keep you warm. I mentioned those pockets. They might seem like a handy thing, but if you put anything in them, you will have odd lumps by your hips. No one wants that. Also, the objects become uncomfortable if you sit down, because of the position of the pocket across the hips. It's the reverse of sitting on something in your back pockets. I've also snuck in two normal length cardigans, to keep with the solid/pattern alteration. These are a nice length too, but if you wear dresses or tunics, they tend to cut at an odd place across your hips, vs below them like the boyfriend cardigans. There is one more style of cardigan, a more elongated version, that I want to share. That is for a different post, and a different day.

Boyfriend Cardigans


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