CARDIGANS: Asymmetrical Wrapped

Last month, I went shopping at Ross and bought some new cardigans to replace a few worn out ones. I've been in love with draped cardigans for a years. The ones I've had in the past have open fronts and no closures. The new ones had closures that made the cardigans drape a bit asymmetrical when closed. It's still too warm here to wear them, but it's hard to resist not wearing something new! I just want it to be Fall now!

They aren't designed to accentuate the body, but to help with tummies and boobs. I have a small chest, but a bit of a tummy. Gals with big boobs and tummies often find normal cardigans to be ill-fitting, but with a draped cardigan, the volume of fabric helps accommodate those body parts while flattering them. They are great layering pieces, over sweaters, blouses, and shirts. I'm not sure how popular this style is, but it's one to look out for if you like this loose shape and something you can get years of use out of.

Asymmetrical Wrap Cardigans


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