BOOTS: Multi-Buckle Ankle

While I was looking at different boot styles, I kept coming across these multi-buckle ankle boots. They remind me of some great 70s/80s goth boots. Most of these are updated versions of that style boot. The 5th one it the classic style that the rest remind me of. These would be great with maxi or midi dresses and skirts for a gothic bohemian look. The buckles are for ornamentation, and there are zipper closures. You could wear ankle socks, if you didn't want socks showing, or were wearing stockings with them. You could wear thicker and taller socks if you chose to. The boots can feel very masculine, so if you like masculine looks, you could play with that. Or you could counteract that with more feminine clothing choices and styling. There is a lot of styling potential with these.

Multi-Buckle Ankle Boots


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