BOOTS: Combat

These are combat boots. I've had several pairs over the years. They are a good standard boot, but it's unlikely these fashion ones will ever be used for combat. Leather and pleather (faux leather) are common fabrics, but other fabrics can be paired with them, like lace, real or faux suede, and canvas. The basic ones have a low heel, lace up, sometimes have zippers, and have no adornment. For adornment, you'll see below a variety of buckles, studs, and other elements. Recently, I purchased the 2nd pair. They are faux leather, have a printed lining, a back zipper, and tabs that help when folding down the boots (though I've only worn them unfolded). The most common lengths are slightly below mid-calf, but there are ankle and knee length versions too. I included a few ankle length and overly adorned versions at the bottom. These can be paired with skinny jeans (tuck the jeans into your boots), skirts, or dresses. Because of their basic style and length, and they are very versatile. I only have faux leather versions, which are handy for the rain and snow, because I don't have to worry about the fabric being damaged by the wetness, and my feet stay dry. If click on any of the little photos below the collage, you will be sent to the shops the boots are from.

Combat Boots


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