OUTFITS: Color Coordinating

I wanted to play with graphic t-shirts and matching midi tube skirts. To add to the kitch, I included matching draped cardigans, satchels, and wedges. The chosen colors are color trends for Fall 2013. If the matching colors are too much for you, consider breaking that up with black instead. I'm hoping to find several of these skirts for Fall. I like the tightness and coverage they have. The fullness of the draped cardigans is a nice contrast to the tightness of the skirts and t-shirts. The satchels are large sturdy bags that work nicely if you carry a lot of things with you. If your Falls are like ours, they will fluctuate greatly in temperature. A large bag is great for stashing a cardigan, gloves, a scarf, and a hat if needed. Speaking of Fall, I know I've mentioned before the heels are great for elongating your legs, but try experimenting with knee to ankle length boots for a chunkier look. This doesn't work for everyone, and can be a bit clunky with tight fitting skirts of this length, but experimenting with fashion can open up your styling choices. Side note...I think I'll do more of these general sets, vs the more detailed ones. This shows you more ranges of particular styles and takes less time for me to create. I'll definitely still do the more detailed sets for costumes and various special occasions, but for now, these seem to work just fine. Speaking of styling choices, if there is a certain type of clothing or accessories you would like to see me style, feel free to comment with your suggestions.

Color Coordinating


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