OUTFITS: Bohemian Pairings

I have beach on the brain every day it's nice...especially in the summer. Yesterday, I shared some nice bikini outfits suitable for the beach or the pool. I wanted to show some easy Summer outfit that could work for the beach...from the sand to elsewhere. The outfits are broken into pairs, so you can see the similarities of a dress vs a skirt and top. This is because some people like dresses, skirts and tops, or both. The jewelry is interchangeable within the pairs, showing chunky and delicate options. The groupings are grey stones, quartz, triangles, and wood. For the shoes, I paired up sandals and flats that have similar design features...studs, tan with straps, pointy, and toe knots. These are all great beach options that can easily be worn over a bathing suit, to and from the beach...even lounging on the beach. I tend to wear cotton maxi dresses for the beach, so I can protect my skin from the sun easily, without overheating. I wear them over my bathing suit, when I'm not in the water. I'm not someone who actively want to tan. I try to avoid it, because I don't tan, I burn quickly. I wear sunblock, but I always manage to get a burn somewhere on my body. I don't wear jewelry on the beach, so I don't risk getting a funky tan line...or in my case burn line. It's happened in the past, and it was an amusing skin pattern for weeks. However, a pair of earrings and a necklace, can easily fit into a small bag or pouch, and stuck into a beach bag or car for later. We normally go to lunch or dinner shortly after leaving the beach, so if I want to wear jewelry, I come prepared. Hope you're having a fantastic summer, wherever you are!

Bohemian Pairings


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