OUTFIT: Japanese Streets #48

This outfit is inspired by this image of Miki in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. In the series of black and white pairings, I wanted to include at least one with a color pop. For this one, the red jacket works well. I couldn't find one with such a nice contrast of black like the one in the street snap, however, this one still works well. It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but she's wearing a black and white vertically striped blouse under the jacket. Speaking of stripes, I was lucky and found the exact bag she's carrying. I love skirts like the one she's wearing. They are fancy and remind me of playing dress up as a little girl, but are a more sophisticated and grown up version. The chunky platform shoes balance out the fullness of the skirt. The white tights help break up the black between the skirt and shoes. She has blue streaks in her hair. If you want to try colored streaks in your hair, but don't want to commit to dyeing, try a hair chalk. I've featured a blue one made just for hair, but you can easily use soft pastel chalks that are made for artwork, and follow one of the many YouTube tutorials to apply it to your hair. This works on both dark hair and light hair...and in between. The accessories are classic pieces, which helps keep the sophistication of this look. The makeup is dark, featuring a wine lipstick and black eyes. What ever fashion trends you gravitate to, remember fashion is about experimentation and play, so have fun.

Japanese Streets #48


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