OUTFIT: Japanese Streets #47

This outfit is inspired by this image of Saki Ushiyama in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. An opposite to yesterday's almost all black outfit. This one is mostly white with a few black accessories. Her outfit is composed of items that are artistically made, and I couldn't locate exact duplicates of, but the combo I came up with is close. Lace and white can seem very bridal, but the length and use of black accessories makes it non-bridal. If you find a white lace dress and it doesn't have a matching non-transparent lining, make sure you wear a slip of a matching color and length. The white cropped cardigan adds a contrast of textures. Harnesses are easily found on Etsy and since they are handmade, it's likely you'll be able to purchase a custom one that fits nicely. This one is very simple, which doesn't distract from the delicate lace. The shoes she's wearing have carved and cut out soles, which are difficult to find anymore, so I chose wedge shoes with a cut out overlay on a gold background. The straps also have some gold details. Her jewelry is minimal and delicate, but sculptural. The pearl necklace is a classic jewelry piece, and a nice contrast to the harness. The cross body bag I chose is practical and minimal. Again, it's something that's useful, but simple enough that it doesn't detract from the dress and other outfit components. The glasses are an odd shape. It's a cross between cat eye and circle glasses. The makeup is classic and minimal. This outfit is a nice example of how to wear the black and white trend, with more focus on white and minimal use of white.

Japanese Streets #47


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