OUTFIT: Japanese Streets #45

For this black and white outfit inspiration, I made this classic Gothic Lolita outfit into something more wearable and less costumey. This photo is of Alumi in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. To still keep the girly appearance, I used a pinafore dress, and ruffled blouse. This creates a tasteful school girl look. The striped stockings keep it modest, but for cool weather, will also keep your legs warm. The boots give it a grown up look. Though her hair is in pigtails with a large bow, which I've included accessories to make a similar hair style, for a less child-like appearance, you can put your hair in a sleek high ponytail, or leave it down. I have long hair, so that's how my brain works for hair. However, any hair style/length could work. I'll leave that styling to you all. The bag I chose still had a feminine look, but is more wearable without the lace, heart, and ruffles that Alumi's bag has. I kept the makeup simple. She has intense black eye makeup, which you can see how to recreate here. Another option, if this pinafore is too young looking for you, is a black circle skirt and fitted vest, worn with a white bow neck blouse or dress shirt. I like showing you how to break down these outfits into wearable looks. Perhaps it will give you a different perspective on fashion and clothing choices.

Japanese Streets #45


  1. I have some boots like those, I love them!
    style "Japanese Lolita" is one of my favorites


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