VINTAGE INSPIRED: Black and White Mod

This outfit plays with the Black and White color trend, while combining the stripe trend and some retro accents like the popular oxford flats, a military jacket, and statement jewelry. I kept the makeup basic, but a nod to the 60s and Twiggy, which also shows in the bag choice. The dress is a fairly classic shape and print. The thicker black stripe defines the waist. If the dress is too tight for you, consider wearing a looser style. For the 60s feel, it's really the short length that matters. The military inspired jacket is fitted, which goes well with the figure hugging dress. Keeping with the retro mod inspiration, the style of jacket is reminiscent of the Beetles' "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album cover and related video. A replacement for this would be a black cardigan that stops at the waist. This style of oxford reminds me of saddle shoes. I used to wear saddle shoes for years as a kid, so when I saw these shoes, I bought a pair on Ebay. They look great with white ankle socks or bobby socks. I chose a necklace and earrings with round elements, to balance with the strong horizontal stripes and compliment the buttons of the jacket. The ring had pyramids around the band. This is a ring that is great for stacking with other thin rings. The bag reminds me of Twiggy's makeup and hair style from her modeling days in the 60s.

Black and White Mod


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