OUTFIT: Stripes and Shimmer

Playing with a striped dress for the last time today. I paired it with a draped vest, for a light sculptural layer. I added a skinny belt, to help cinch in the fullness of the draping. I kept the shoes and bag black. They have nice design details, but are practical. For jewelry, I added some metallics to breakup the strong neutrals. Geodes and stacking rings are a current jewelry trend, but ones that can be used long term. Stacking ring sets can be broken up and worn separate for a more delicate look. I kept the makeup classic, so it doesn't compete with the strong design pieces of the outfit. I love wearing layers and maxi dresses, because I get cold easily. If you live in a hotter climate, wear a shorter dress, remove the layer and belt. There are many styles of geode jewelry and stacking rings available. Check Etsy for some great designs. I like big bags, because I tend to carry a lot of handy things. However, a smaller black bag would work nicely too. Just keep the design minimal. Though I love flats for their comfort and practicality, a simple wedge shoe would work great too. What ever striped dress you choose, remember than the print is a strong one. The rest of the outfit shouldn't try to overpower the printed dress. Taking a little time to style such a simple dress like this one, can turn something plain and casual into something polished and dressier.

Stripes and Shimmer


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