OUTFIT: Chicago Trip Day 1

We got back from our short Chicago, IL trip, early yesterday morning. Sorry for the lag in posting, but there was a lot going on while in Chicago, and a lot of driving to and from. This outfit is close to what I wore the 1st day in Chicago. John and I went to Au Bon Pain for lunch, Millennium Park to see the Cloud Gate, and The Art Institute of Chicago, where I made John fall in love with Impressionist art. We mostly milled about the Impressionist, Mid-Century, and Contemporary art sections. It's a HUGE museum, and we definitely didn't make it to a majority of the museum. We were limited on time, as we meet up with Noah, Jessica, their sweet baby daughter, and Noah's friends for dinner at a sushi place. We all got gelato afterwards. John and I used the mass transit the 1st day. I thought it would be time saving, but really it took longer than anticipated. The weather was windy (which I should have known..."windy city" nickname and all), sporadically rainy, and warm. The section of the city were in before dinner was the financial district. I was pleased at how well everyone was dressed. Business like, but with a definite sense of style. It was a bit of visual eye candy.

Chicago Trip Day 1


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