VINTAGE INSPIRED: Victorian Party in Vintage Style

I'm going to a Victorian tea party today for my daughter, so I wanted to dress up fancier than normal. We also have a birthday dinner later with friends and family. I'm wearing a vintage Betsey Johnson dress similar to the one pictured, with a vintage Betsey Johnson black velvet underbust coat. I love how her designs look on my body. Under the dress I'm wear a black bra, black lace undies, a knee length full slip, and black opaque stockings.

If you aren't familiar with what a full slip is, then I'll explain. It's basically a thin dress of sorts. Mine has adjustable shoulder straps much like a bra, has darts at the bust for shaping, and loosely skims my body to my knees. I also have a full length version, but that one doesn't have adjustable shoulder straps or darts, and has a v neckline that wouldn't look right with the scoop neckline of my lace dress. This type of slip is called a slip dress or full slip. It's length can range from knee to ankle. The most common ones come in white and black, with an occasional color or flesh tone...which never matches my skin color, and probably doesn't match many other either. For me the point of wearing a slip is to have a little modesty, especially when wearing something see through like this lace dress. A flesh tone gives the appearance of nudity, and can look a little odd when there is a sudden panel of flesh color that doesn't divide at the legs. When choosing what type of slip to wear, consider your own body shape, the cut of the dress, and the length of the dress. You don't want your slip showing if possible, as again the point is to look classy and a bit modest. One of my pet peeves is when a slip isn't worn with sheer dresses. This happens a lot with celebrities, which makes me cringe at their stylist. These ladies should look classy and expensive, not trashy and cheap.

If you don't own one, you need to! Head to your local lingerie shop (most chains don't carry real slips, but sheer useless versions) or look on Ebay. A lingerie shop is normally willing to fit you. If you want to buy one on Ebay (the one I'm wearing today is secondhand from Ebay), you will need to know your body measurements. If you don't know your measurements, get a sewer's tape measure, and get to measuring! For the bust, put on your favorite bra (if you wear one), measure around your chest at the fullest point of your breast. For your waist, measure around at the smallest point. This is typically near the end of your rib cage. For your hips, measure around your hips at the largest point of your butt. Write these measurements down if you can't remember them. Additional ones you will need is the length from your shoulders to under your bust, and from your shoulders to your knees and to your ankles. Regular internet retailers typically have these measurements readily available. Ebay sellers will normally provide you with garment measurements. Some will be flat measurements, which is normally just the front of the garment, and half of the total circumference of the garment.

For sheer tops and skirts, wear a camisole or tank top, and a half slip (which is just the skirt portion) in the appropriate length for the skirt. It's best for your slip to be slightly shorter than your garment, to ensure that it won't hang out of the bottom. Keep slits in mind too. The slip should be shorter than the length of the slit, so it doesn't show as you move. Hopefully this info will be the next time you want to wear a sheer dress, skirt, or shirt.

Victorian Party in Vintage Style


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