OUTFIT: Gothic Geometrics

This is a dark version of the current geometric trend. For this trend, as with any, you can go full on with multiple items in one outfit from one trend, or you can pick one or two items and keep the rest simple. That's up to you. This outfit is to show you the multiple accessory options that would go with this tunic and these leggings. This trend works well in neutrals and metals. I lean more towards black, grey, pewter, and various silvers, for most trends, because I find those to be more wearable and long lasting than colorful options. They make an inexpensive piece look more expensive and lux. My favorite accessory items in this outfit are the shoes and the necklace. Together, all the elements might seem overpowering, but when they are on a person, they are segmented along the body, where it can actually work well together. Style is about playing with different elements to see what works. You can always take something off or add something before you leave the house. No one else will know about that choice. You're the only one you need to please anyway.

Gothic Geometrics


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