CATS: Pippi's Vet Visit

Today, I had planned on finishing up a 2nd necklace using more giftcards, but that didn't go as planned. This morning, after my daughter and husband had left to school and work respectfully, Pippi (the grey one) started hacking and coughing loudly. This happened off and on for about an hour. She sounded terrible. I took her to the vet at 10:20. She eventually started coughing loudly while she was there, and they kept her for observation, sedation (because she's a big meany when mad...just like mom), and to check farther back in her throat. Around 12, the Dr. sedated her. He found a plastic part from a clothing price tag lodged in the back of her throat. He removed it and sh is perfectly fine. She also got her claws trimmed...which won't stop her from clawing anything...she's rough. Around 5pm, Pippi had fully woken up from her ordeal. She's happily laying in the hallway, drifting back off to sleep after a little snack. Sophie (the tuxedo cat) checked on her for a bit. Sophie didn't seem concerned about Pippi not being home, but she was concerned about me and gave me some snuggles.

I'll probably get to the pennant banner necklace next week, and perhaps a couple more variations. All with tutorials of course, to help you stretch your creativity. Tomorrow, I'm going over to friends' house to dye some clothing with the ladies. I don't have much experience with dyeing, so I probably won't have a tutorial on this 1st attempt at creative dyeing. I'll definitely show you all the finish project, and take some in progress photos.


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    1. Me too! I don't know what I would do without her. She's a great companion. Showers wouldn't be the same without a cat who peeks around the shower curtain to get a drink of water and say HI!


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