SEASONAL FASHION: Winter Favorites

This are some of my favorites pieces that I wore this Winter. We had a mild Winter, so these pieces will transition great into Spring. My style is gothic bohemian...with some days more one than the other.

Winter Favorites

I do a lot of layering, so I'm comfortable anywhere. From September - December, Amy at Trademark Tattoo did more work on my chest piece, adding scroll work vines around my butterfly and moth tattoos. I wanted to show these off, so I bought a few tops that showed off the artwork. Also, I detest wearing bras, so I wear tank tops under my shirts. The two I'm sharing here are similar to the ones that get the most use, but I have a variety of them. Over those, I've been wearing draped cardigans. I've cinched them with wide belts and broaches, but will experiment with a few other ways through the Spring...more on that in the coming months.

For bottoms, I do wear pair of faded black jeans, but those aren't very interesting. I LOVE wearing skirts. I prefer textured ones, because it adds something different to black. Yes, I do wear a lot of black skirts...and black in general. I'll be playing with color in the Spring. Under my skirts, I wear leggings. At the beginning of Winter...maybe before that...I bought a pair of fleece backed black knit leggings. They are super warm and comfy! I was poking around Ebay today and see that other top treatments are available fleece lined! I might need a faux-leather pair! I have other leggings, but these got the most wear by far!

I carry two bags with me smaller black one with a skull handle, and one large Betsey Johnson cross body bag. The cross body bag is a great size for fitting the smaller bag in it (or just the contents), a cardigan, art supplies, things to pick up or deliver, small shopping bags, snacks, water...etc. I use it a lot for errands and band practice. For shoes, I alternated between two pairs of black flats that get wear year round. Occasionally, I wore my favorite knee high faux leather boots, or a pair of faux suede booties. For jewelry, I wore a lot of delicate necklaces. The ones I included above are examples, but I do have a new raven skull one my hubby bought me in San Francisco recently. I've been wearing a variety of stud earrings that I bought a cheap or teenage shops in multi-packs. Much cheaper than the ones above, but the included ones are good examples of style. I have 6 ear pieces...1 cartilage and 2 lobes, per ear. I have very long hair, so I changed my hair accessories up by using combs. I also wore multiple hair flowers, over the combs, for a Mexican style look.

That pretty much wraps up what I wore for Winter. I'll probably wear some of these items into and through Spring.


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