TREND: Skull and Skeleton Dresses

These are a little harder for most people to pull off, due to their bold graphics of skulls and skeletons. However, I'm one of those people who wears certain ones easy. I personally prefer the anatomical skeletons, smaller repeated prints, and skull back dresses.


  1. love the skull back cut out dress but a lot of the current gothic trend especially the leggings are just horrendous.

    1. To be clear, "Gothic" isn't a trend. It's a lifestyle that has been around for centuries, in various forms. My personal fashion style can be generalized as gothic. I own many of those "horrendous" leggings with skeletons and skulls adorned on them. I'm partial to skeletal things, as can be verified by the fact I'm a co-editor of Skull-A-Day. The reason I titled these particular dresses as a "trend", is that there has been an influx of them in the clothing market. BTW, check my posts a few back where I included several gothic style leggings in a similar collection of items.


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