JEWELRY: Anatomical Hearts

I've been using some of these through out this week with different outfit stylings. I'd love to own a silver 3D anatomical heart necklace , but for now I'm pleased with the large resin relief pendant that I have. That pendant is like red and black necklace. I bought the resin heart cameo and setting from Pinky Noodles, and assembled them with E6000. Since I made two, I kept one and gave one to my friend who also has heart problems, which she loved. Pinky Noodles makes great resin cameo designs, which are often duplicated illegally. I always go straight to her to find unusual cameos. I love my heart one so much, that I bought a brain cameo in ivory (brain) and black with a separate setting from her, to represent my husband's condition.

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. While you can show someone you love them any time of the year, perhaps for the spooky person in your life, give them a special sort of heart on a special day celebrating love. If jewelry isn't your thing, check out Etsy for a huge selection of handmade accessories, clothing, and artwork.


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