COLOR TREND: Burgundy Skirts

A variety of skirts from mini to maxi in the current Burgundy color trend. Thought this is a current color trend, it's a color that's been a favorite in my wardrobe for years. The color is rich and looks decadent in many styles, fabrics, and materials.  I have jewelry, clothing, shoes, and a bag in burgundy. As you can see, the shade can variate. This has a lot to do with the fabric or material type. Velvets always have a deeper tone and chiffons an airy tone, where as cottons and laces can vary depending how what fibers were used and how well they accept dye. Velvets and chiffon can also be made with a variety of fibers, but their look when dyed is consistent, because of how they are milled. Sequin fabrics will always have a color changing appearance, since they refract light. This is one color that I think looks nice on everyone. It's a classic color that has spanned the centuries in use. Though it might be a current color trend, it's so classic that it will be "in fashion" forever. What you need to keep in mind, is the cut of the piece you use it in. You see below there are a variety of skirts, but we all know that no body type looks great in everything. I shared a variety, so you could see one for your body type and go buy it, or wear it out of your existing wardrobe. Some of the skirt styles are more trendy than classic, so when buying a new piece, think of how it will wear for years vs. months in your wardrobe. It's better to spend a little more on a small amount of piece you will use for years, than a little on a large amount of trendy pieces you won't love next year. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this lush color as much as I do.

Burgundy Skirts by azurafae



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