FASHION: Lace Inspiration

If you've seen my Outfit of the Days (OOTD) from the past 3 days, you might notice a lace theme. We're going to focus on that this week. I wear A LOT OF LACE often. It has a classic, vintage, and bohemian feel that I really enjoy. Plus, I find most laces to be very comfortable to wear. Some of them are surprisingly warm. When picking a piece to buy, I have to be equally attracted to the fabric design as the shape. I'm partial to creamy colors and black laces. From a little lace detail, to a full lace ensemble, I love it all. When worn right, there isn't such thing as "too much lace". There are ways to make it look sultry and sophisticated, as well as more demure and delicate. I'll be sharing some of my favorite pieces, more OOTDs, and stylings with lace. Since I love to layer lace, I created an inspiration collage that has layers of lace. If you are interested in the History of Lace, head over to The Lace Guild. They have lots of great information on lace. Probably things you never though were related to lace making and it's origins.

Lace Inspiration


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