FASHION: Favorite Pieces

These are some of my favorite staple pieces that I found on Polyvore. I have similar ones in my own wardrobe. I'll go through why these pieces are my favorites, after the big image...

My Very Favorites

I love a good striped shirt. Now, as I've mentioned before, I have a small chest and frame. Stripes actually help me appear broader and accent my curves. I recently bought a top like this, and am currently wearing it.

A good black tank will do wonders for your wardrobe. It works great as a layering piece, or alone. I wear one with a shelf bra almost every day. If I'm too cold, it's easy to layer pieces on top, or if too warm, to remove layers to the tank. 

Again, a thing for stripes. However, this is more about having a nice sweater that keeps you warm without making you feel shapeless and frumpy. Sweaters stretch a lot by the nature of their knit. I go for small ones, so they don't stretch out as fast and look nice on.

I've mentioned recently, that I've been really into draped cardigan. I just like the shape the draping makes and how it feels on my skin. It's really as simple as that. They can be cinched with belts and broaches.

I love a good pair of jeans that actually look nice on me. I have about 3 pairs of jeans that I like. I wear my black faded skinny jeans the most. I cuff up the bottoms when wearing them with flats, so they don't bunch up or drag. 

I don't wear shorts often or have many. The two pairs I have are vintage inspired. My favorites are similar to these. They have a high waist and three buttons up the center front.

I love a good pencil skirt that flatters my curves. I love vintage pin-up styles. This is a style from that era that I have many of in my wardrobe. This particular one is double love there.

Every lady needs a good pair of black flats. They don't need to be fancy, but they need to look nice with anything...from jeans to gowns. I have a nice pair that is my go to. You need something that doesn't cause blisters and is flexible. You'll get the most use of them that way.

That being said, you also need a nice pair of black heels. I'm a fancy gal, so I have more heels than I want to admit to. The ones that get worn the most, are the comfortable black ones. They can have embellishments or just an interesting fabric. They don't have to be very high, but they do have to be comfortable.

Another great basic is a pair of nice black boots. These aren't work or utility boots (rain or snow). These are nice ones that can be worn with skirts, dresses, and pants. They don't have to be high heels. I've been into booties similar to the image lately, because they are less heavy on my legs than knee high boots.

For a "day bag" I love a big one that can hold lots of, cards (ID, debit, store discount, gift...), a hand fan, water, snacks, my phone, umbrella, a note pad, a cardigan, things for the kid...etc. I love a cross body bag that has an adjustable strap, but a large tote bag works if need more height or width room. 

You know all that stuff I mentioned carrying in my "day bag", well sometimes I pair that down for an "evening bag", or just a smaller bag in general. I own a bag just like this one! It has the skull ring handle, and a long chain strap that tucks inside. A small bag should be big enough to hold your essentials.

I don't use backpacks, since my normal large bags hold all my normal stuff know, all that stuff I listed for the "day bag". I like this rucksack style backpack, because all the pockets store so much! It can also double as an overnight bag, because of it's size and storage compartments.

For my cosmetics when I travel, I use a small train case. Mine is from Caboodle, like this one, but all black. It has 2 layers of trays on both sides of the top, and a large bottom compartment. This easily holds a lot of makeup, and hair accessories! Very handy when on the go.

My suitcases are black. They are great for traveling...but also doubles as a cat lounge area. For some reason, they can't resist any suitcase. What I like in a suitcase is durable fabric, wheels, sturdy handles, and lots of pockets to tuck things like jewelry and lingerie in.

I have a lot of jewelry. The simplest necklaces get worn the most. I love this skeleton one a lot. I fiddle with my necklaces, so this swinging skeleton would keep me sedated and entertained when nervous. Also, it looks great and could start some interesting conversations.

With the skeleton theme, comes this double skeleton ring. This is an unusual ring, that would keep me entertained while looking at the details. Plus, you all know about my love of skeletons. Rings can be flashy, but still comfortable. I talk with my hands and voice, so something on my hands draws attention.

I made a pair of these a few years ago, before many goth gals had this skeleton lady cameo in necklace and/or earring form. Still, the image is a favorite, since it blends my skull and vintage love. Earrings bring attention to your face. They should be nice to look at, and not too heavy, that they hurt your ears.

If you don't know, I love making hair accessories. I sell them in my shop Azurafae. My favorites to make are flowers. I love wearing just one to a cluster of various flowers. It reminds me of many historical and cultural things, which is the main reason I wear them. 

My favorite sunglasses are big, black, and have crystals on the sides. I like the large size and black lenses, because that protects my eyes the best. The love of crystal embellishments at the sides of the lenses, started when I used to wear cat eye glasses, and has carried over to the need for larger glasses.

A corset would be considered by most people, to be an undergarment. However, to me and many people who love fetish and vintage things, it can be a top on it's own. I love how a good corset defines my shape and makes me feel. I feel more confident and beautiful. Every fem lady should own a good corset!

Now, I don't wear bras often. That is mainly because of my unusual build. However, should I find that magic bra that fits spectacular, I know it will make my boobs look fantastic. Every woman should have several bras that fit perfect! Go to a lingerie shop and get fitted for a nice bra. Spend a little more on it!

I love wearing tight fitting skirts or pants. With that, I need proper underwear. I love thin mesh and lace thongs and low cut panties. I also love cotton underwear with slightly wider bands than the delicate undies. Every lady should have at least one nice thong and lace pantie.

I wear tights more often than thigh highs, but I prefer thigh highs. With those, you need a garter belt. One with sturdy metal and rubber clips vs plastic and rubber, is needed. They are tricky to wear, but after some practice, you won't have to reclip it to your stockings multiple times during the day or night.

With a garter belt, you need thigh high stockings. I love vintage styles, so I have several pairs of back seam stockings. Something about that stocking line up the back of legs is very sexy. The combo of a a nice corset and/or bra, underwear, garter belt, and stockings makes me feel my sexiest and confident.

These are my favorite pieces. What are yours?


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