COLOR TREND: Burgundy Blouses

This is a collection of Burgundy cropped, tank, sleeveless, cap sleeve, and long sleeve shirts and blouses. Burgundy is a current color trend. Some of these tops are trendy styles, while others are classics. Since we've already covered the color earlier today and this week, let's go over the style of tops.

Burgundy Blouses by azurafae on

The 1st row has four crop tops or bralets. These are great worn under corsets, tank dresses (fitted to loose), and with high waisted skirts and shorts. If you are more adventurous, you can with anything that doesn't meet the hem, so your stomach shows. 

The 2nd row has four tank tops. These are a great wardrobe staple. In the hot months, I wear them without anything under or over them, and with any sort of bottom. For mid-range days and months, I wear them with a cardigan or sheer shirt over them. In cold months, they are great layered under shirts, blouses, cardigans, and sweaters. Since indoor heat varies, it's great to have the ability to layer and remove clothing as needed, down to a tank top. 

The 3rd row has four sleeveless blouses with a peplum flair. I love peplums that flair from the natural waist, vs hip. They define your waist and hips correctly without adding odd bulk to your hip area. When choosing a peplum, you want ones that cinch in at your natural waist and flair out from there. There are many that start at slightly above your hips and flare  out from there. This causes an odd bulk around your hips, and makes the peplum lose it's lovely shape. You want to avoid those. A nice peplum can become a staple piece in your wardrobe because it's flattering and shape defining. For layering, wear a cropped jacket or cardigan that meets your natural waist, so the peplum isn't crushed, creating an odd bulk where there shouldn't be. 

The 4th row has four has cap sleeve blouses. I love the delicateness of cap sleeves. It's like flirting with the idea of a sleeve, without adding bulk or warmth to your arms. For added warm, you can layer them with cardigans, sweaters or jackets. For the peplum, keep in mind the length of the layering piece, but for the other ones, that's flexible. The loose fitting ones can be cinched in with a belt or high waisted skirt. The peplum one would look great over a high waisted pencil or any pencil skirt that came up higher than the hem of the peplum. That would add to the vintage inspired appeal of the blouses. 

The 5th and final row has 4 long sleeved blouses. These are great layering pieces for cold weather. You can put a matching tank top underneath them, and a complimentary cardigan, sweater, or jacket over them. The styling of the bottoms is flexible. You can go from a nice mini to a maxi skirt, slacks or jeans. It all depends on where you are going. My go to is always a nice skirt, but the pant options are fine too. Just keep in mind when you are wearing a top with details like a collar, print, lace, or insets, you want to keep the bottom simple and complimentary, so as not to detract from the details. Hopefully these tips help you when choosing a top to wear and expands how you wear them.



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