UPDATE: Pin It Button

Some months ago, I added a "Pin It" button for Pinterest to my blog, which appeared at the bottom of each post. It worked great for a while, until recently. I've noticed it starting to be defective a couple weeks ago, but didn't change anything in case it was a fluke. When I clicked the "Pin It" button the image and auto fill info was missing completely. Also, the pinned amount was missing from beside the button when looking on the main page, vs individual posts. Today, I noticed that the pinned amount was missing completely. I tried to update the HTML (what made the pin button exist), but the new code wouldn't work. While I was fiddling with it, I noticed the site that had the code (Not Pinterest unfortunately, as they haven't offered this option yet in the easy use way I want it) had a different one for a gadget (special things to enhance the blog, mostly the side bar). I have added that, and tested it! I added it to the side bar for you all to use. It works great. I won't have a pinned amount to read, but at least the Pin It button will be super easy for all of you to locate!

If you want to pin an individual post, so you can come back to it later...or what ever you do with it with credit to me... make sure you click the title of the individual post, to bring up just that post vs. a series of post. Then, click the "Pin It" button. The pop up box will come up just like if you clicked on your Pinner in your bookmark bar (which you can still use too if wanted).

If you want to Pin a series of posts (say all the Costume, Dia de la Abby, or Dia de los Muertos), click on the tag at the bottom of the post, or in the section on the side bar (I have a selection of tags there that I use the most). Then, click on the Pin It button. I suggest titling the pin as what tag/post series it is for. That way, it's easy to understand on a pin board and for others too.

Ok, that's all for now. I hope you all have been enjoying the recent Pinup series. Since I celebrate Christmas (in my own way), I'll be doing some holiday posts soon. Probably starting next week. Before NYE, I'll have some festive posts too. You know I love any excuse to dress up and be glittery.

If you haven't already, follow any of my boards that interest you on my Pinterest. I use Pinterest for research when writing posts and making projects, so sometimes there is a flood of my activity, and sometimes there isn't.


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