NYE FASHION: Ornate New Year

For me, fancy New Year's celebrations have always been over the top ornate and sparkly. They don't have to be, but that is some of the fun of fancy New Year's celebrations. If you are not a person who likes this type of over the top verging on tacky (ok, maybe past verging), pick one piece...the dress, the shoes, or the jacket, and keep everything else simple and toned down. For me, I would feel like a disco ball in this dress. It wouldn't make me comfortable, so I wouldn't wear it. However, I would wear the jacket and shoes together with a nice simple black cocktail dress. I would pair it with jewelry and probably the hair accessory. On the other end, if you want to wear this dress and somehow tone it down, throw on a plain black blazer, black tights, and plain black wedges with minimal accessories. The dress is isn't own piece of jewelry. What ever you choose to wear and however you choose to celebrate, I hope your evening is enjoyable!

Ornate New Year


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