These are some of my favorite skater skirt designs from the current skirt trend. Click on any of the images be taken to the shop they are from. As you can see, they come in a variety of fabrics, prints, treatments, and colors. They are also at a variety of price points, which is always great for a stylish trend.

This style skirt is great for showing off your legs, giving you curves, and defining your waist. You can wear them with stockings, tights, and/or over the knee/thigh high socks to keep you warmer in the cold month. They are great paired with any type of shoe from boots to sandals, depending on the season. The only part that hugs your body, is the waistband. The flare of the skirt works well for many body types, as it's an easier fit than tight or tailored skirts.  I recommend wearing a shirt or blouse that can be tucked into the waistline, so the waist stays defined. You can pair the top with a fitted and cropped cardigan, jacket, or sweater that ends at the waistline. If your outer layer is longer, but thin, use a thin to wide belt over it to cinch the waist back in.


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