FASHION TRENDS: Skater Dresses

These "Skater Dresses" are inspired by the dresses that female ice skaters wear. They are fitted at the top and flare from the natural waist. If you were to twirl around like an ice skater, the hem of dress would flare out and go up. Most of them are constructed like a circle or trumpet skirts and dresses. These are similar to the baby doll dresses of the 90s, but more form fitting in the torso. This is definitely a trend that doesn't include a wide range of sizes and body types. However, if you are slender, the tight emphasized waistline and flared skirt will give the illusion of curves. If you have a natural hourglass figure, this style will make your hips appear fuller. I'm not sure about the bust, but this style could be minimizing, vs accentuating. This is also great for you pear shaped ladies. The flare of the skirt will give the illusion that it's the skirt creating the bottom fullness, not your natural shape. Also, the fit is good if you do have a small bust and waist, with wider hips. I have a small bust, so the styles I gravitate are those that are made for small chests. My waist and hip ratio is one size larger than my bust, so the Skater dress style is perfect for my shape. I have a hard time finding dresses that fit my body type well.

The dresses below are some of my favorites. If you would like to know where to purchase any of the dresses, please click the images. You will be redirected to the shop. After this post, I'll have a few posts to show how to style some of these dresses.



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