These are some of my favorite leggings. Some of them are trendy, and some of them are great staple pieces. However, my style is very eclectic, so I can easily make a trendy item a staple piece in my wardrobe. That being said, I only buy trendy items that I know will easily blend into my existing wardrobe. The metallic leggings would be great for League of Space Pirate costumes, vs daily wear. Many would be great daily pieces (yes, even the ones with skulls, bones, and stripes). Those particular ones would also cross over well between regular wear and Space Pirate costume wear. When buying something, you have to think about how you would wear it and how much use you would get out of it. Is it something that you'll wear for years, or just for one season. I of course, recommend getting something you know you'll wear for years...even if it's off and on for years.

I have a fashion rule that I never wear leggings as pants. However, I know other people don't do that. The reason I don't is that most legging fabric is thin like stockings, and not opaque enough to be worn without a skirt covering the pelvic region of your body... ie: your underwear will show easily. There are definitely thicker and higher grade leggings that could be worn as pants...if you are into showing off every curve of your body from waist to ankle. I'm not, but there was this one time with some faux leather leggings and a need for being Cat Woman one night. I wore the leggings, a tight long sleeve black t-shirt, PVC underbust corset, knee high PVC boots, a low slung wide belt, and of course a whip...wait, you didn't think I've have all that. Perhaps you haven't met me in person out with friends, late at night, or seen a League of Space Pirates show. Yes, there is a completely (or um, almost completely) different side of me that isn't so kid friendly. What, I'm an adult. That costume could happen again, and perhaps will for an upcoming League of Space Pirates show at a comic book convention, but with a space pirate twist...I know, spoilers.



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