OUTFIT: Cropped Cirque

This is a circus themed outfit to show how a bralet and skater skirt can be worn with an underbust corset. Bralets are great at providing breast coverage without adding extra bulk to the corset. Skater skirts flare out at the hips, which emphasizes the exaggerated curvy shape a corset creates. The cropped jacket stops at the top edge of the corset, so it doesn't take away from the corset shape, but does provide a bit more warmth. The boots and socks add to the ringmaster/circus look, and provide additional warmth for colder months. For warmer months, you can eliminate the jacket, boots and socks. You can wear any sort of heels instead, from basic wedges to something that buckles across your leg. I still recommend keeping the footwear black, because trying to match reds to the corset will be difficult and red footwear can distract from the lovely corset. The bag choice is inspired by the rings of a circus.

Cropped Cirque


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