OUTFIT: Cinched and Cropped

Another outfit to show how a bralet, cropped jacket, and skater skirt can be worn with an underbust corset. Since I'm writing this in the cold month of December, I've styled it to provide warmth without detracting from the look. The skirt and jacket are made of faux leather/PU, which is an animal friendly alternative to leather and add warmth. The tights layered with over the knee socks provide additional warmth and coverage to the legs and under the skirt. I always love wearing some type of heel with flared or fitted skirts. Heels help lift your butt and sculpt your legs, because they cause your butt and leg muscles to tighten. The flare of this skirt already emphasizes curvy hips, so the heels will only add to this. The all black legs will help your legs appear longer. 

For warmer months, you can remove the jacket, boots, socks, and tights from this outfit. You won't need a jacket unless the evenings are cool. For you legs, wear boy shorts under the skirt, to provide extra coverage for your butt. You can wear any sort of black heels with this look, since it's fairly basic black. If the faux leather skater skirt is too hot, go for a lace or cotton option. The bralet I chose is velvet, but since there isn't much fabric, it should transition well between cold and warm months. I chose a satin corset, for a different texture from the velvet and faux leather. As any corset wear knows, satin breathes well...but no corset breathes completely. If you are more of an exhibitionist than me, during the warm to hot months, subtract the corset and wear just the bralet and skirt for a sexy and cooling outfit. I still recommend wearing boy shorts and heels even without the corset. 

Cinched and Cropped


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