A recent (and hard to find here) trend is bralets or cropped tanks. This is a item that has come back in style with the resurgence of 90s fashions. Now, I'm not a teenager any more (like I was through the 90s), and I've had a kid since then. This means that I'm not likely to wear a cropped top of any sort without another garment that covers my stomach...unlike pre-kid and teenage mid-drift baring years. That being said, I do love these fitted tops for a different use.

They are fabulous worn with underbust corsets, and high waisted skirts. If you have ever worn either of those pieces with a full length shirt, you know the fabric can bunch under the corset or skirt. This is uncomfortable and unflattering. No lady wants bulging fabric around your waist and hips, when you are trying to wear something tailored or cinched. These tops are the perfect solution to that excess fabric problem. Also, the reduce heat, which is especially fantastic when worn with an underbust corset. Corsets don't breathe, but they do fantastic things to your waist! For wearing with a high waisted skirt, ideally, you want the hem of the top to securely tuck under the waistband of the skirt. However, if there is a small gap of skin, to me that is acceptable, since it evokes a more vintage style from the 60s.

This selection of bralets will look great paired with either garment...underbust corset or high waisted skirt. Some of them have a more gothic look, some more vintage, some are just sparkly, and some are a good blend of styles. I mentioned earlier that these are hard to find in shops here in Richmond, but thankfully, there are an abundance online. Click on any of the images to be taken to the shop they are from. Also, I've yet to find a good tutorial that demonstrates how to transform an existing tank into a simple bralet. This is something I feel I'll need to do. I need some myself, so I'm happy to share how I made mine...when ever I get around to making some! Also, after this post, I'm going to show you how I would wear a couple of these...a underbust corset look and a high waisted skirt my concept is clear to understand.



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