HOLIDAY FASHION: Snowflakes and Sparkle

I wanted to show how you could wear this dark green skater dress with snowflake and sparkle accessories for a holiday look. If this is too much sparkle for you, you can definitely tone is down by only wearing one or two glittery items, and making any other accessories a matte finish and solid dark neutral. The dress I chose is dark green, which is great for a Christmas theme, without being too overtly themed. The style defines your figure and provides warmth. If you live in a very cold climate, layer on thick stockings, and socks with boot. Throw on a cable knit cardigan with a tie belt to keep you warm and still stylish. Since this is a solid colored dress, feel free to make that cardigan a tacky sweater, if you love the kitch factor of some Winter holidays. This one is toned down on the kitch factor, but I will definitely put together a kitchy outfit for you all.

Snowflakes and Sparkle


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