OUTFIT: Skulls and Stones

I love these Jeffrey Campbell skull stud Lita boots. I wanted to pair them with a few on trend things, but using my own style aesthetic. Starting with the clothing, short skater or circle skirts have been popular recently, with the resurgence of '90s fashions. I choose a velvet, since that's a classic Fall and Gothic fabric. The dolman sleeve top is a play on volume, and for me, would nicely show off my chest tattoos. The tights and bag pull from the baroque trend. I've loved these prints for many years. It's one current trend that I'm happy to see, so I can easily add new pieces to my existing wardrobe. The color of the skirt, stud earrings, a nail polish, and lipstick go with the amethyst necklace. I actually bought a necklace similar to this, because I've loved raw stones since I was a kid. Crystals and stones are a current trend, which I'm glad is popular now. These are great investment pieces, as they can be a classic piece. Crystals and stones never really go out of fashion. You can find a lot of hand made jewelry containing this trend on Etsy, which is whey I bought my necklace. Spikes are always popular in Gothic fashion, and I've seen many spiked hair combs many places. Hair combs are fairly easy to use. They are practical, but with the addition of an adornment, like the spikes, they become decorative as well. The grays and skull ring pull from the skull boots, and help ground the colors.

Skulls and Stones


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