This outfit is inspired by the teal peep toe bow wedges. I have red ones like these and always love to wear pinup style clothing with them. I chose a few items that build on the vintage appeal of classic pinups and have a kitchy look. You could tone down this look by removing some of the quirky accessories. The color selection blue and teal are in the same color family. The white was chosen to pull from the polka dots on the dress. The bag mimics the polka dots too, as does the dog print on the cardigan. The pearls are iconic jewelry fitting with the style of the clothing. The bow bracelet, hair bow, and bow in the necklace tie back into the bows on the shoes. The eye makeup choices are a take on a classic smokey eye, but with white and navy blue eyeshadow and a black liquid eyeliner. The lipstick is softer, so the attention is on the eyes. The cocktail ring and bow colors tie back into the dress color.

Blue Pinup


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