COSTUME: Matryoshka Dolls

This is a great Halloween costume for a group, especially if there are adults to babies, in size range. Pick two or one color that everyone has of a shirt and skirt, or long dress, and shoes. The apron can be made easily in different sizes, if you can enough of the same floral print fabric. You can follow the unisex tutorial below, or you can buy a few similar apron patterns for adults, and children, when you buy your fabric. If you don't have matching scarfs, these can easily be made from coordinating fabric by cutting rectangles large enough to fit each person's head. The makeup is very easy, but I'll share a couple good tutorials for it. For the hair, just pull it back and secure it close to your head. Simple Frida Kahlo style braids might be good for this, if you have medium to long hair, as it will keep your hair confined and close to your head. If you have short hair, smooth it back with gel, clips, and bobby pins. The scarf will cover your hair. You can use bobby pins to help secure the scarf around your hair line. The scarf will tie under your chin.

Matryoshka Dolls


The Purl Bee shared how to make an Adjustable Unisex Apron. Since this costume will need aprons of different sizes made to fit each person, you will need particular measurements. For the smallest part at the top, you want to measure across the person's chest close to the neck. The widest part of the declined angle, is the waist. Measure around the person's waist, minus 2-3 inches for the apron to tie nicely. Measure down from the neck to the waist. Transfer these measurements onto the back of the fabric using chalk and a ruler, following this image as a guide for shape. The length from the waist down is up to you. The dolls have long aprons, but if you want your group to be able to reuse their aprons for normal wear, then knee or mid thigh length is probably the best to stop at. You can make ties from the same fabric, or from coordinating ribbon. If you all use the same floral fabric, it will help your group look uniform. If you can't sew, and these are not going to be used much, then you can use fabric glue or iron on fusing to finish the edges of the fabric. You can stitch on the ties by hand, for strength. You can add front pockets to the aprons in the same fabric as the body of the aprons. This is a great place to keep your ID, money, booze (for adults) or other drink, and of course Halloween candy.


Tigercholabear, shows a great way to create the face of a Matryoshka Doll on herself. This is a great look to use exaggerated black false eyelashes. You can use Ben Nye red cream makeup for the cheek circles. One pot of it should be big enough for everyone to share. I normally don't recommend sharing makeup, but since this is only on the cheeks, it should be fine to use. You can also use red eyeshadow or blush instead of a cream makeup.

Since the lips of the above makeup tutorial aren't in frame when she applied them, you need to see how they are done. Dope2111 shows us how to do a Lady Gaga inspired Makeup, but the only part of this we really need is the lips. For the Matryoshka lips, you need to use a red lip liner pencil and lipstick. If you notice, the shape of the doll lips isn't as wide as your natural lips. You will use a concealer and translucent powder to blend the unpainted lip areas at the sides, into your normal skin color. I love this look. It's one I've successfully done several times.


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