COSTUME: Jessica Rabbit

One of my favorite cartoon characters is the bombshell beauty, Jessica Rabbit, from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". She is sultry and seductive, but she truly loves that funny rabbit Roger. This costume is inspired by her sexy look through out the movie, because "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."


This look is great for busty women. I am not busty, so I envy you all that can wear this. If you find a red gown that doesn't have a high slit up the front, you can cut one up it, and hem the newly raw edges. It's ideal to find a glitter gown, but those will be hard to find. You can spray the gown with a red glitter spray for fabrics, so you will get long lasting shimmer. You definitely need red heels to match your dress. They don't need to be a perfect match, but get them as close as possible. The purple gloves can be found on Ebay, if you can't find them in a costume or formal dress shop. If you don't have red long hair (natural or dyed), then you will need a long wig. I've never purchased a nice wig, but the shop I linked to through the red wig image, looks like they have nice wigs. If you want to add an accessory to play with, you can either get a vintage style microphone toy, or a toy gun. If you're familiar with the movie, you get why I included these as options.

I did leave out the stockings and garter belt, because in reality with this type of high slit dress, you would easily see the band of the thigh highs and garter straps even when standing. If you wore regular stockings, it's possible the reinforced pelvic area would show. I suggest not wearing stockings at all, so the long slit isn't interrupted by any stocking or garter lines. Also, I can't recommend a great strapless bra for this look. If you can find one that has great support and pushes  your boobs up, then that's the one you need to wear!

Jessica Rabbit

This is my favorite scene from the movie, which is our introduction to Jessica Rabbit's character. I feel it shows off her seductive skills very well, and many other parts of the movie build on that.


What's a Jessica Rabbit look without her pouty red lips and shimmy purple eyelids. HollywoodNoirMakeup, shows us a great Realistic Jessica Rabbit Tutorial. For non-costume wear, if you changed the eyelids colors to silver and black, it would be a great smokey eye look. I love the use of a shimmery lipstick in the center of the lips, to give them more dimension. You won't get any flying lip prints from these luscious lips, but hopefully you do get to give someone a kiss the normal way.

LisaFreemontStreet shows how to do Jessica's makeup and hair, as part of her Animated Angels series. Ashley is an expert at vintage style makeup, hair, and fashions, so it's no surprise that she did a fantastic job recreating this classic cartoon look. Whereas the makeup, is iconic of Jessica and probably only works for this costume look, the hair can be worn for the costume, or for other vintage style looks. It's a great style for long hair, in any color.

If LisaFreemontStreet's hair tutorial above was too fast for you, then watch this Veronica Lake Hair Tutorial. Jessica's hair style is very similar to Veronica Lake's hair style. This is a great style for long hair. If you have a natural hair wig, this is a style that can be done to the wig too. If the video doesn't play for you, go to YouTube through the link to watch it.


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