COSTUME: Fairy Fantasy

I've done a lot of costume posts in the past, so I wanted to change these up a bit. Since I've been doing a lot of tutorial showcases, I thought that concept would fit in well with a costume. When it comes to creating a costume for myself or others, much of it is hand made or altered. I've shared the costume I put together, and several great tutorials to help you complete my vision. I requested suggestions on costumes, and the 1st suggestion was a fairy costume. I chose a pink and soft gold color palette, inspired by the accompanying fairy artwork. You're color choices are totally up to you. Some pieces you want to include are fairy wings (size is up to your comfort), lots of glitter (fairies love sparkle), a shrug (to cover the straps of the wings, if they are plain, or to give your shoulders protection from decorative straps), flats (for soft landings, and long hours of partying in comfort), and a lot of whimsy. There are several different types of fairies, so I suggest looking at the artwork of Brian and Wendy Froud for inspiration on type. Granted, most of Brian's fairies are nude. They have many books of their artwork, so head to your local library for research, as some are not still being printed. Ok, on to the costume.

Fairy Tale


First, we need wings, because they the most dramatic and iconic piece of a fairy costume. Many years ago (about 8) the now very famous Emilie Autumn was on an episode of Crafters Coast to Coast. She made fantastic fairy wings, and some great sushi soap. Of course, it's the fairy wings I'm most interested in sharing. This video tutorial shows both of her creations. There are several fairy wing tutorials, but this one has always been my favorite. These use decorative ribbon straps, which is nicer than the elastic ones of many fairy winds. The elastic always digs into my shoulders and causes pain. Making your own fairy wings is a great way to control the size and style, as well as have one of a kind wings. There is no chance of you running into another fairy with your same wings.

I mentioned that we need a lot of glitter. Shoes are a great way to add a lot of glitter to your look. If you don't have glittery shoes (what great lady doesn't? this one), you can take a pair of existing shoes and give them the glitter treatment (I plan in doing this to boots). Jenni of Pixie in Pumps transformed a pair of old black heels into Glitter Heels. You can to this technique to any type of shoe. If your shoes are porous (, you can skip the initial sanding step. This would also work fantastic for transforming a small bag into a fairy pouch. You will need to plan ahead for the shoes and bag, so the glitter and glue fully dries before use. If you don't think the shoes look glittery enough after a few coats of the glitter and glue mixture, you can paint on another coat, and shake some loose glitter on top of the wet coat. This will definitely give you the sparkle you are looking for. If you feel that this finishing coat of glitter might flake off, give it a top coat of Modge Podge Gloss Finish Glue. It's a shiny top coat and will seal in the flakes of glitter.


We have an enchanting costume, so now we need fantasy makeup, to help finish the look. Charismastar created this enchanting Fairy Makeup for the 2012 NYX Cosmetics Awards challenge. She uses all NYX products, and a lot of them. The nice thing about NYX is that it's inexpensive, and good quality. The jumbo pencils are great to use instead of those crappy makeup sticks that Halloween shops sell. Ulta carries a lot of NYX products, and they are also sold on their website. You can change the colors to suit your costume look, or preference. To coordinate with the above costume, I would choose pinks and golds for the makeup.

How you style your hair, is up to you, as hair lengths and textures vary per person. What you can do, is add some sparkle. One recent hair trend is Hair Tinsel. These are thin strands of tinsel, suitable for knotting into hair. Hair Flairs demonstrates how to knot Hair Tinsel into fine hair. She uses a cord thicker than the tinsel to demonstrate the knotting technique. The real hair tinsel is much thinner, as you can clearly see in rest of the model's hair. This is something you can do yourself, but is much easier for a friend to help with. You can style it how ever you want. She mentions that the tinsel can be flat ironed or curled.

What ever you are this Halloween, I hope you have a fantastic time. Fulfill your costume fantasy, even if it's just for one night or weekend. I wear different costumes through out the year, but Halloween gives me the chance to be a character I wouldn't normally become. I'll share my family's and my costume for this Halloween, after Halloween, as normal. It should be fantastic.


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