This is inspired by Catwoman played by Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriwether. They all wore the same style costume while playing Catwoman. I love the classic costume better than the more modern ones. It has an understated sexiness that isn't overly sexy, like the leather and PVC versions.

In the photograph is Julie Newmar.


Me-ow! by azurafae featuring black tops


  1. I love Julie Newmar in that campy old Bat Man original. She was such a terrible actor she was fun to watch. I have to say she still looks pretty good well into her 70's. She still fits into her original bat suit! Check it out

  2. I love the campy Batman original show and movies. I used to watch them when I visited my great aunt. One of my favorite memories. I love that photo you linked to. She looks fabulous!


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