Dorothy Perkins yellow cocktail dress
£26 -

Maxi skirt
$516 -

K. Jacques flat sandals
$260 -

Reverie long necklace
$169 -

Pyramid ring
$68 -

Post earrings
$58 -

Halston Heritage gold belt
$110 -


  1. That belt is something else! Is the scarab jewelry a choker, belt, or bracelet? It's really pretty. And here is a matching spider:

  2. I love these wide belts. Reminds me of what my mom wore in the 80s. I have a few non-gold ones. The large gold scarab is a cuff bracelet. There is a scarab necklace above it. I was going for a gold and sand colorway with Egyptian motifs with this set, for a nice late Summer/early Fall look. I did pick out spiders to go with other sets. Spiders are prevalent in ancient Egyptian history, though there are hieroglyphs with spiders. I definitely have plans for some of your other spiders. I might use the one you suggested in a set with similar colors to the spider, so it works well.

  3. I do love the creamy sand/white with gold in this set. I actually don't think my spider fits all that well, except for its theme.

  4. I do too. I rarely wear gold, but I love the matte finishes and lighter tones of this gold. I love to wear creamy colors, so I might need to add some of this pale gold jewelry to my wardrobe.


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